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Why hasn’t Opera been able to attract more users?

There is an interesting discussion going on over at Opera Watch on the topic “Why hasn´t Opera been able to attract more users?”

I think that the reason is simple.

I am going to use my dad as an example. He might not be a good example as he is 64 years old and started to use a computer just a few years ago. But anyway, he clicks on the Internet Explorer icon and starts surfing the newspapers, then after a few minutes he might be looking for some ads for cheap “anything”. And he is curious, he uses Google and searches for information now and then, but that´s it (to my knowledge).

And why would he switch to Opera? Maybe because I have downloaded and installed it for him, but when Internet Explorer is preinstalled on his computer and it does everything that he wants it to do, I don´t see why an average user would see the benefit of switching.

I know why I use Opera and people like me, but most people don´t have a clue about computers, and they just use them like my dad.

What Opera should concentrate on is why should the average user do the switch. Maybe they should create a new version of Opera, not version 10 but AU (Average User). This version would not include anything other than bookmarks and the spot where you write the urls.

Then Opera can say that not only do they have the fastest browser on earth, but the easiest one also.

I really like Opera, but I understand why any preinstalled browser is hard to beat. And of course Firefox has been doing a great job promoting itself.

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