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Why Google should own Movie Theatres

This is a story that came to my mind yesterday, while eating popcorn and waiting for the new Jason Bourne movie, The Bourne Ultimatum at the local movie theatre. While waiting and watching all the advertisements for local shops and after that the ads for all sorts of stuff, it was time for the trailers.

This is usually two or three previews of new movies and I was looking forward to see what was going to be showing the next month or so. What happened was that they showed four trailers, and not one of them was of any interest to me. They were not in the right genre at all, they were not suited for people watching The Bourne Ultimatum.

At that moment, I think it was just after preview number three had finished, I thought why are they showing us this? Well, some of the guys (I don`t think that there were any girls / women at the movie theatre at all) might want to watch the movies they are showing the previews for, but I really doubt that many will.

I started to think in the terms of marketing, and what would Google have done if they owned the movie theatre? They would probably show previews related to the movie that we were waiting to watch (think about AdWords), wouldn`t that make sense? What if, instead of showing us a romantic comedy, they would show us a trailer for Rush Hour 3 or maybe The Brave One starring Jodie Foster.

I think that if they started to think more of a targeted audience when it comes to the previews, more people would actually use our local movie theatre, because not many do today. So Google, please buy our movie theatre and help us figure out how to get more people to use it.

… and by the way, the movie was awesome 🙂

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