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Why is Gmail so popular?

I have been wondering about this for a while, and the question is really not why Google Gmail is so popular among ordinary people. Because I can understand this, as it is a free e-mail system and itīs a very good one indeed. I havenīt tried a better system thatīs free. So, orinary people not involved with a online business, sure I understand it – itīs actually hard to find a better free system.

But why are so many marketing professionals using Gmail?

I have received many e-mails from online marketers with their own online businesses that are using Google Gmail to communicate with their customers / visitors. I must say that I really donīt understand this, even as I said Google Gmail is a great system. Why wouldnīt they use their own domain to send out e-mails?

I would never use Gmail for this, but I might have missed out on something. My worries with Gmail is this, it might be because I have been banned by Google AdSense, and I am thinking why canīt this happen to me at Gmail as well? First of all, you donīt have full control over your contacts and your e-mail archive. Everything is stored at Google. What if they think that you are a spammer, just for no reason. But like what happen to me at AdSense, they say that you are a spammer, but they donīt have to prove anything to you (because they donīt, they are the almighty Google). And in seconds, you have lost all your valuable contact information and all your e-mail communication. Hopefully you have backup somewhere that you can restore everything.

Second, what will your customers / visitors think of you? My first thoughts when I received an e-mail from a marketing professional using gmail instead of an e-mail from their own domain were “why?”. I found it to be unprofessional, and I thought something like, “doesnīt he know how to create an e-mail account at his host?”

If you tell your customers that “I am really successful, if you join my service / product you will experience success as well” and then you communicate with them through gmail, then I find something to be not quite right.

Third, will there come a time when Gmail is just as bad as hotmail? I am not saying that hotmail is bad when it comes to using it and the way it works. But have you noticed that very often when you sign up at new programs you will be asked not to use an hotmail account. I am not sure why that is, but so far I havenīt seen this when it comes to Gmail. But who knows, in a while what will happen to Gmail?

Fourth, what happens when you decides to start using another e-mail client, for instance your own domain? Can you just import all e-mails and contacts from Gmail? If not, well then I would be a little unhappy if I were you. The reason is this, I find myself looking up old e-mails quite often. This is to find out what I have been “talking about” with one of my customers / visitors. If you decide to use another client than gmail, and you canīt import “everything”, you would have to use gmail to find old e-mails even if you are not using gmail as an active user anymore.

Fifth, what happens if Google decides to ask for a monthly subscription to use gmail? How much would you pay to still use it? I donīt think that Google will do this at all, at least not this year, but who know what can happen in the next 2 – 3 years. And what if this subscription fee will be too high for you?

Once again, I have my own account at gmail and I really enjoy their service, but I donīt use it to communicate with customers / visitors to my blog. Well, it might happen (but thatīs because I am not a professional) 🙂 This post is not to say that donīt use gmail if you are a marketing professional, I am just asking the question, why are you using it? I would love to get an answer to that, because I am curious. I have seen many marketing professionals that uses it, and there must be a reason that I have missed.

8 responses to “Why is Gmail so popular?”

  1. Jens says:

    Thank you!

  2. Tim Linden says:

    (I think that’s a spammer) Anyways.. I’ve been thinking about trying these social networks out for advertising. I have a plan out so once I get through all my feeds (cough stop posting so much cough =P) then I’m going to try it out.

  3. visual basic says:


    Nice idea. I bet there are hundreds of more ideas to promote your stuff.

    Availability of Time is the question.

  4. Marcus Smith says:

    Great Post… never thought of promoting this way… another good way to promote is to create a facebook app. But thats another ball game. Also facebook apps are starting to annoy users so unless your app is really good… it probably won’t catch on quickly.

  5. Tepi says:

    Can you be more specific of what to do exactly. Im quite interested but you know.

  6. Wawan says:

    I think it is very informative article. I learn a lot from this posting.
    Keep up good article

  7. Adri says:

    Thank this is usefull information i have tried but why no body respon to my advertising

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