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Why Facebook Groups Are Important

A few days ago, I told you how to use Facebook groups, I told you how to find interesting groups and how to create your own groups. Now, it’s time to explain why Facebook groups are important when it comes to marketing. I’ll also try to explain the difference between Facebook groups and pages.

The single most important reason why you should create your own groups, is that you will have control of the conversation. You can send emails to all the members (some say it’s a limit of sending emails to 1,200 members, but I am not really sure).

Facebook groups are all about building a community, it’s a place where you discuss a certain topic. It’s a two way conversation, and it’s all about content. Facebook pages are not a discussion, it’s more like a monolog. When you create a Facebook group, you can expect a fair amount of viral marketing. The reason for the viral marketing, is because of the element of discussion. When people are involved at Facebook, “everything” they do can or will be posted to their profile, and in the end, it will also be posted in the newsfeed of every single one of their friends (if they haven’t turned this feature off).

Let me give you an example.

Every time one of your friends uploads a photo or a video to one of their groups, you’ll be able to view it in your news feed. This way, you’ll also be able to see which group your friend is a member of. I am not sure if this happens to everything you post in the groups you are a member of, or if you have to be specific regarding what you want to post in your profile and what should be posted in your friends newsfeeds.

With Facebook groups you have access to the following sections:

The discussion board is probably what makes a group so interesting. If you are selling something, this is where people will be discussing it. Members can post back and fourth, and this is a very important part of how your group becomes viral. Along with this, on every group, you’ll see an invite people to join link. You can invite one friend, a few friends or whole friend lists.

You can also share your thoughts regarding everything you read inside the groups with other people. Just click on the share button, add your thoughts, and send it. This button is a powerful marketing tool.

The single biggest difference between Facebook groups and pages is the two way communication. A Facebook page is more focused on a brand or a person than Facebook groups are (groups are more about topics). And you can add Facebook applications to pages, but you can’t add them to groups.

Facebook groups are all about networking and discussions.

When people join a group due to the fact that they are very interested in the topic, a lot can happen. A recent example from Norway are the Grandiosa frozen pizza groups. This is the most popular frozen pizza in Norway, and one of the ingredients is red peppers. For the past months, a lot of people joined groups on Facebook with topics like “no to red peppers on Grandiosa”. Inside the groups, there are a lot of discussions about why there shouldn’t be red peppers on the pizza. Guess what, even though just a few thousand people joined (the most popular group contains about 2700 people) the company producing the pizza will create a new Grandiosa pizza without red peppers. This is because of the pressure from the groups on Facebook.

Groups can help your product and your business become a lot more popular. If you listen to people with the same interest, you’ll be educated, and like the pizza story from above, you can shape your product in order for it to become even more p0pular.

Facebook pages has built in viral marketing as well, but, I’ll write about that and why Facebook pages are important in a few days.

3 responses to “Why Facebook Groups Are Important”

  1. Ralph says:

    If you join any Facebook groups then you have chance to meet other people and for sure most of them join a group for one reason to market their sales so you can get ideas from them and how to grow your business and increase your sales.

  2. Tarek says:

    Before reading this enitire post, I always tried to avoid joining groups. But this post insists me to join facebook grops as it has a great importance. Thanks.

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