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Why do you need more Money?

Why are you working and why are you blogging or why are you betting? Is it because you are trying to earn more money? We are probably all doing something to earn money, but why do we need to do it? Is it because we are looking for more money to buy more cool stuff or a bigger house, a fancy car or to impress the girls?

Do you know why I would like more money?

It`s not because I want any of the above, I have more than enough already (I am far from rich). The only reason I would like more money is because I would like more time away from work and more time to have fun and more time together with my family.

I would like to be able to work less than 8 hours a day, five times a week and most days of the year. I would like more freedom and more leisure time, I would like to be able to tell my kids that tomorrow we will take the day off and have a lot of fun. To me it`s not about the money, it`s about time. But in order to have time we all need the money. It`s sort of a catch 22. We work harder to earn more money in order to have more freedom and more time, and in the end we all end up just working harder (or at least most of us).

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