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Why Do You Need A Logo?

This is a guest post by Ben Johnson of Logoinn

why do you need a logo?

Let me share one of my dreams with you that I often see and fear. No, it isnít about me being in hell or that I have died, but itís something very different.

I see that all of a sudden, one day, people have stopped recognizing me anymore, the ones who were good acquaintances and associations. I failed to realize the reason behind it until I saw my face on the mirror and got a revelation that I have become faceless. With fear I woke up, ran straight to the mirror to see if it had actually happened. Ah! I got the biggest relief ever to know that my face was all fine and recognizable.

This doesnít happen with humans in the real world, but yeah in the business world if you donít have a logo to represent your business, you are gone. Now do you realize the significance of a logo to your company?

Every business needs a logo in order to be recognized by the masses. I donít wear Nike, so am not its target market, but I do recognize the brand symbol and in any time later if I ever would want a sportswear for myself or for anyone, Nike would come to my mind as the first choice.

This is the case with all the big brands, they create an instant recognition with time in the minds of their customers and one major tool for reaching that level, is to have a remarkable logo. If you are running a business and you donít have a logo, mark my words, you will regret it in the long run.

Why? Here are the reasons:

Positive Market Recognition

If you are a start up business, you really need to have a solid logo to create awareness that you have plunged into the market. Launching new products in that case would be backed up by an image which is your identity and which makes your business and your products or services stand out positively. Of course, quality of your products or services holds prime importance, but your logo plays a vital role in giving those products or services instant recognition and credibility among your target market.

Identity creation and brand building

A remarkably designed logo, has the ability to convert itself into a powerful brand which is recognized by all. A logo represents your business on company letterhead, website, brochures, ad campaigns, business cards, emails and more. So, if you do not have a properly designed logo, you might not be identified properly by others. With the help of a distinct logo, you can have a competitive edge in terms of brand recall over your competitors.

Grab more clients and customers

High brand recall grabs greater number of clients and customers, and this can majorly be done by having a strong logo which has already converted into a brand. A logo is an essential part of branding, if its strong, your business would definitely be ahead of your competitors in terms of a greater customer base.

These are few of the reasons why businesses should have a custom designed logo to represent them everywhere. There are a lot more reasons which I would definitely cover in my next post. Until then, let me know how you like the article and share your views about what according to you is the most important reason for any business to have a logo? My comments section awaits your feedback. Take care!

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