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Switching focus

Are you dissapointed when you don’t see a line of people waiting outside? I was, not that long ago. I was hosting an event. We had been running several ads in the local newspaper. We had published the event on Facebook, and on the website of the business, but few people showed up.

I was asking myself the question; why? I don’t believe that it was because people hadn’t seen the ads, or that they didn’t know about the event. It had to be a different reason.

Two things we need to understand:

We’re more busy than ever. We don’t have much time left to do things that we  haven’t already planned. We prioritize what we should be doing, every single day. And, at the same time, there are more options than ever. 

That’s why I have been asking myself a different question lately.

How many people do we need?

How many customers do you need to talk to during a day to get enough sales to keep you happy? 

The truth is that we don’t need that many people, as long as we’re talking to the right people. What we need is to understand that a long line of people isn’t always a good thing. Even though it might look good for the business. We all want to be popular, don’t we?

Be specific about who your customers are. If you are selling different products, you are targeting different groups of customers and you need a marketing plan for each of the products. It’s a different approach to sell to young people, to women, to people living in a different region or a different country. It’s always something you should adjust to reach your audience.

Be specific. Visualize who your customer is.

Pushing for sales

Don’t think they’ll come to you, just because you’re there waiting (and you have the best products). Don’t think they’ll come because you just put an advertisement in the local newspaper.

No matter what you’re doing, you’re not alone (anymore). There are more options than ever. You might not see any of your competitors in the local newspaper, or anywhere you look for that matter, but you’re not just competing with them. Create a story for your business, don’t focus on awareness and attention. 

Pushing for sales is harder than ever. Instead, turn smiles into goosebumps. That’s what will get people talking about you. And, that’s exactly what you need. Make people talk and spread the word about you and your business.

Why you are dissapointed

Give people a reason to talk about you. If you are ordinary, why would they talk? People will spread the word about the extraordinary; if you’re really bad or really good.

You need to show them that you are remarkable. Don’t just focus on being great at what you do. If you’re working at a bakery, don’t just make the best bread. If you’re a chiropractor, don’t just give the best treatment. Focus on the human interaction, and how you communicate with your customers.

Find the answer to three questions:

Let’s say one of your customers is a huge fan of Lebron James (NBA and basketball), now you have something interesting to talk about every time he returns to you. Let’s say you find some information about Lebron James that your customer didn’t know about (just Google him, read his page on Wikipedia). It’s easier than ever to make that customer more interested in you, it’s easier than ever to get that customer to smile. And, if you want to buy something for the customer, it’s not that difficult to know what’ll make an awesome gift.

Switch focus

I started this story telling you about an event that didn’t have a lot of people attending. Instead of being all dissapointed, I believe in doing the best in any situation. We focused on the people. They got 100% of our attention, and the feedback we received was great. We couldn’t have been as focused on being personal with every customer if it was a large crowd attending. 

During the event, we answered each question:

Switch focus when you need to. There’s always something positive in any situation.

2 responses to “Switching focus”

  1. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Jens, you reminded me of my WordPress launch where I had about 50 affiliates on board and only two persons drove most of the sales (won’t put the percentage because I can’t remember it) but that surely teaches you a thing or two.

    Another scenario is where I used to install WordPress for about $100 USD.

    One day I got this one client who paid me $1,500 for the same exact service, if I had focused only on these types of clients, I’d have had a lot less work and a bigger retribution.

    Just imagine this, having only 10 different A-type of clients would have made me $15,000 USD so yeah man, focus on the right type of clients and business will improve greatly.

    Sergio Felix

    PS. Did you just change your WordPress theme again? LOL you’re just like me, I already hate the theme I’m using right now.

    • Hey Sergio,

      I realized that I had to do something about the way I work after reading The 80/20 Rule in Business by Perry Marshall. Your examples are great, and it just shows why it’s important and I bet we’ll do a lot better work too if we just focus on few people (the right people) instead of the masses.

      Yes, I just switched my theme once again. It feels like I’m switching every month 🙂

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