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Why Buy Product Launch Formula 2?

The most talked about product the past month or so is probably Product Launch Formula 2 by Jeff Walker. I am not sure how many e-mails I have received, and how many blog posts I have read about Product Launch Formula, but it’s amazing to see how many people are looking forward to the launch later today.

First I thought I should describe why you should consider buying Product Launch Formula 2, but then I found a few great videos on YouTube and it’s a lot better for you to watch the videos than read what I would have written.

Ok, this is the first video and it’s an interesting 10–minutes interview with Jon Walker, and he is Jeff Walker’s brother and business partner.


Now, here’s a video by Jeff Walker himself where he introduces Product Launch Formula 2.

From all the offers and bonuses I have looked at I think that I find the one from Eric Holmlund the best one. He will actually create a new product for you if you order Product Launch Formula from his site (use his affiliate link). If you are interested in both Product Launch Formula and your own product made by a professional, then you should order it from Eric Holmlund.

But I can also recommend that you take a look at two other offers, and that’s the one from Willie Crawford and Yaro Starak. Willie will let you have a solo mailing to 120,000 people if you buy Product Launch Formula from him. Yaro will give you an mp3 player, the iRiver S10 with all 27 Blog Mastermind audio lessons stored on it ready to listen to, delivered to your door. I have been a member of Blog Mastermind and I know how good this course is, it’s really good.

Now, if you are interested in buying Product Launch Formula 2 by Jeff Walker, you got some interesting offers to consider.

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