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5 most important reasons why bloggers fail

He was at the top of the ladder, every day for two weeks. He was painting the house yellow, at the end of the street.

I didn’t speak to him.

I didn’t speak to the man who hired him.

I just watched him at work, every day as I walked by.

I don’t think that I ever saw his face, not until his last day at the job. The first thing I noticed was his big smile.

Show up, every single time

Sometimes, half the battle is showing up. I looked at the painter, and I wasn’t thinking about the quality of his work, but when I was relating it to blogging, I was thinking about the importance of practicing and showing up for work every single day.

Many bloggers try and fail, because they’re not willing to show up every time. You need dedication.

Start with a smile and keep smiling

The first thing I notice when I saw his face was his big smile. It’s not just about the painter. Smiling is important in blogging as well. Even if you’re half across the world, and not a single person is seeing your face, they’ll know if you’re smiling when you’re writing. If you’re not, your readers might not return.

Build strong relationships

I can’t stress this enough. Building strong relationships should be part of the reason why you’re blogging. The painter is not just painting the house, he’s getting a referral at the same time. The customer, the person living at the end of my street, he’ll tell his friends about the painter – but only if the relationship with the painter is strong enough.

Be goal oriented

You need a reason for blogging. It’s not enough to write, and it’s not enough that you want to practice your writing and get better at it. How do you know if you’ve become a better writer?

You need a method to measure your success.

Let’s say that the only reason you’re blogging is so you can become a better writer. If that’s it, then you’ll need a definition for success. You need a way to measure it. You can measure it with the number of positive feedback you get. Or you can measure it with the number of people who are asking you to guest post.

Keep improving.

Focus on the journey

Like I said. You need a reason for blogging. But, most of the time, you need to be present now, and look at the process and the journey of blogging.

If I was a painter, I would look at the brush, and I would think about each stroke. I would focus on the sounds and the pleasure of being outside. Sometimes I’d look down from the latter, and enjoy the height, even though I’m actually a bit scared of heights.

Everything we do is part of the journey. Looking at the details and being present will help us improve.

We need our paintbrush; the tools that’ll help us with blogging. It can be the tools that helps us focus, or the systems that helps us communicate.

32 responses to “5 most important reasons why bloggers fail”

  1. Angela says:

    hey,those are amazing points that most people would over look and they make alot of difference when applied.

  2. Great tips Jens! I know how it feels to fail by not being dedicated enough. No goals whatsoever LOL

    This time around, I hope I can make it work 🙂

  3. creativenid says:

    nice writing style as well great post Thanks for sharing an interesting post .

  4. Josh says:

    I think a lot of people mail it in when they write posts. Some posts aren’t going to be as strong as others, but you have to put in the effort every time.

    • Yes, and one thing I have noticed with myself is that if I look at one post and it doesn’t do as well (comments and visitors) I can end up telling myself negative things, instead of just keep improving and working hard(er).

  5. Hi Jens,

    What a great share! Reminds me of the quote “Eighty percent of success is showing up” Woody Allen. And showing up with a smile and a positive attitude is a win win.

    If we can touch one person and enhance their lives in one blog post we have reached success. I see success measured more than money, but by the people we interact with.


    • Hi Donna,

      I agree with you, but it’s hard. Sometimes I look at the numbers (views, comments etc..) and forget that I shouldn’t be conserned about the quantity, but rather the quality.

  6. Hey Jens,

    Great tips her Jens. My favorite tip which I really had to push myself on was focusing on the here and now. The past is to learn from and the future we set goals for, but the bulk of the journey is the process we go through. For me it creates balance, enjoying what I’m creating and putting into practice of what I learned and looking forward to what it brings out so I can start the whole process again.

    Thanks for the tips Jens! Have a great week ahead!

  7. Enstine Muki says:

    Hi Jens,
    Good to be here on your distraction-free blog. Wow! Simple is nice.

    I came here from Donna’s round up post. I’m sure we are connected for good 😉
    Will be around again

  8. ikechi says:

    Hi Beget

    I saw this post from Donna’s blog and I am glad I came across it as your points are spot on.

    You list 5 valid reasons why bloggers fail in the business of blogging and so easy to digest.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  9. Mark says:

    Five truly excellent points Jens!

    And the last time I checked, a smile wasn’t
    all that expensive!LOL!

    And it certainly does wonders!Does it not?

    The waiter and waitresses that smile more, for some odd reason seem
    to consistently get the bigger tips!

    But truth told whether it’s blogging and or painting, you’ve still go to perform in the end!Right?

  10. Greg says:

    “Everything we do is part of the journey. ”
    I am becoming more and more aware of that. Thanks for the reminder.

    I got here from a post you made a few years ago. I am glad I did. Is ‘virtual smart agent’ still giving you the irrits?
    Who is is Donna?

    Best wishes

  11. Hi Jens,

    Donna spoke so highly of you in her last post and I must say, I am not disappointed. Reading your article put a smile on my face (just like the one on the painter’s I presume 😉 )

    Blogging can be hard and most times people jump into it with the misconception that it will be a walk in the park with instant results (slap an article on, paste links on facebook and get millions in viral traffic! lol)

    When these automatic results don’t happen, many-a-blogger despair and abandon their blogs. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You are right when you say bloggers should be dedicated, should be goal-oriented and should build relationships. These go a long way to helping one’s blog thrive. But my best tip was when you said bloggers should smile (am still smiling) because when you do, the smile bounces right off your writing.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful insights, Jens. Look forward to reading more.


    • Hi Chioma,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. Donna is amazing, it’s great that you’ve found my site via her blog.

      I wish a lot more people would be helping each other to success. As a blogger, we can’t just write and publish and wait for things to happen. We need to stick together and create strong relationships.

      Thanks again Chioma. Have a wonderful week.

  12. Liz Delaney says:

    I also saw this from Donna’s post. I am glad I came. Great post. Show up consistently and keep learning.
    I will return…..

  13. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jens,

    Spot on my friend with these tips.

    Love the painter analogy as well because it’s true. You have to keep showing up because no business is built overnight. In order to even let people know you exist you have to keep putting yourself out there.

    If you can do it with a smile then as you said, people will know that. Throw some stories in there and you have a winning combination. Will every post be a hit? We only wish right!

    The key is not giving up because this is a process and one definitely worth taking.


    • Hi Adrienne

      Yes, keep showing up is very important. You need to perform as well, but if you combine showing up with smiling, I believe you’re ahead of most of your competitions already 🙂

  14. Luna Darcy says:

    Hi Jens,

    Thanks for sharing these simple yet powerful tips. And btw, I saw this from Donna’s blog!

    My favorites would be to keep smiling and to build relationships. I can’t imagine getting somewhere in my blogging journey without keeping a positive mind and having blogging friends, mentors and coaches to support me along the way.

    Have an awesome day!


    • Hi Luna

      I agree with you, a positive attitude is very important and having mentors and coaches to help us is more or less crucial for success.

      Thank you so much for your feedback and for visiting my blog. Have an awesome day!

  15. Hi Jens-Petter,
    Came through to this post from Donna’s blog and I can’t believe that we’ve got something in common. This is a great post and hope we can link more. Indeed, it’s always about building relationships if you want to succeed. But if you want to fail, try ignoring this aspect – you will fail and fall yourself into an abyss! I’m telling you so because I once did.

    Great post!

  16. Hi Jens,
    I am so glad to be here, yes, i too landed here today via Donna’s page,
    Though i mentioned in my feedback there, that i know only 3 people, but after coming here i could recognize the smiling familiar face here, yes, I have been to this place earlier too, and i think i posted some feedback too!
    Anyways, glad to be here again, and the intro of this post is really amazing!
    You, said everything via the painter!!! LOL
    The real story telling!
    Yes, show up a smiling face is really a vital point to note!
    A gloomy one will not get that punch as a smiley one gets!!! LOL
    Finally a Goal oriented journey with a clear Focus on the journey is very important.
    I appreciate you for presenting the vital points a blogger need to follow!
    Thanks for sharing this informative piece
    Thanks Donna for helping us to focus on this wonderful page !!!
    Keep sharing
    Have a great and profitable day
    ~ Philip

  17. Chukwu Uju says:

    Great post and easy to digest tips. When I first got into blogging I always thought that it was something I could just do for fun, since I am a speaker, I express myself better when I speak, but then I realized with time that in blogging when people start hearing from you, they want to keep hearing from you and you must not disappoint them if not in no time they take their attention away.

    Glad I came across your blog.

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