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Why Being Self-Employed is Tempting

Iíve been working for somebody else ever since I finished my masters degree in Political Science nine years ago. Itís great working for somebody else if you enjoy the work, but at the same time itís really tempting being self-employed.

There are at least five important aspects of being self-employed.

1. Freedom

If you work for nobody but yourself, you can do whatever you like as long as you do a great job and as long as you earn enough money. You donít have a boss, therefore, you can take as many vacation days as youíd like or as long lunch as you think you deserve. You can be yourself, and you donít have to try to impress your boss or your colleagues.

2. Value of your work

The value you create is your own, and not the company you work for. The better you do your work, the more value it creates, and the more money youíll be earning.

3. Control

Even though Iím working for the government, and itís a fairly secure job, you never know what will happen in a few years. If youíre self employed, you canít get laid off. Youíre in control.

4. No more boring meetings

There are nothing more boring than boring meetings. When youíre self employed you control the meetings, you attend the ones you want to attend, and you leave when youíre done. You donít have to wait for all the other people to stop talking (well, most of the time you can control this yourself).

5. No more raises

When itís time for a raise, you donít have to talk to your boss, or fill out a form and spend days to argument why youíre the one that should get the raise. If youíre self employed, youíll get the raise if youíve earned it Ė no argument there. Itís not as fun to watch people who doesnít deserve it get a raise.

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