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Why Being Offline Makes You More Creative

I am still having major problems with my broadband connection. I have been without any connection to the Internet from my computers at home for about 4 days, and it will be many days before I’ll be back online.

Today, being offline is sort of a struggle. I am not used to being offline, usually I spend most of the day online, both at work and at home.

Actually, now that I am offline (using BlogJet to write my posts) I am more focused. I am not thinking about everything I used to think about when using my computer, like checking e-mail, facebook, browsing, reading news, rss, and so on.

Think about it, there used to be so many things to do offline with your computer. Today, I can hardly think about anything, except for writing.

It’s a new experience, and it’s a new feeling. First, it felt like an impossible thing to do, I didn’t really understand how to get through the day being offline, now I only see that positive effects of being offline.

Yes, it’s a lot easier to stay focused, because I am no longer browsing looking for information. Lack of information makes you think, the only information I have available is my own. I have to come up with my own ideas, and can no longer borrow ideas.

It’s actually a blessing to be offline during the weekend. It helps me remember the past, the time when I got my first computer with a black and white screen. It was huge, and it did cost me a fortune. It even helps me remember my first game consol, it was a vic 20 and I think I was about 10 years old, a few years later I bought a commodore 64, and finally an Amiga 500 at the age of 16.

It was a great time, I had an awesome youth, and I spent it all offline.

But, if I had a choice, I would probably prefer to be online though.

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