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why Baked potatoes are different

A few days ago I went to the store to buy some baked potatoes. To me, they are just big potatoes. You probably know what I am talking about. I hope I don`t have to explain, because I haven`t been using this blog to share receipes (but maybe I should).

While standing in front of the potatoes I had to ask myself once more; isn`t a baked potato just a big potato or what`s the difference to the rest of the potato family (they are one big happy family aren`t they)?

The reason I am asking is that baked potatoes are a lot more expensive than ordinary potatoes. The price is probably 500 % more, or maybe even higher. I had to pay almost $1 for one potato, and that`s a raw potato!

Is this just a marketing trick from the stores?

If we want big potatoes, we would have to pay more, even though they are exactly the same as ordinary potatoes except for them being big. Maybe it`s because we use them differently, the dinner with baked potatoes is a little more exclusive (or something like that).

Why else would one baked potato have a price of almost $1, when you can get several kilos of ordinary potatoes for the same price. Actually, I have no idea what the price is for potatoes… but I know it`s a lot less per kilo than it is for baked potatoes.

Something didn`t feel right.

… but I bought them anyway, and the dinner was great.

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