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Why are Successful People creating More Products

Sometimes I get the feeling that some people never get enough money. I see very successful people creating new products all the times, and most of the time it`s a good thing that they do, because then we get new interesting products to “play with”.

But sometimes I ask myself, what would I have done if I was earning more than $20,000 (or even less) a month from blogging or some other Internet marketing activity, would I create new products or would I buy a house on a beach somewhere and just stay there forever?

I am not sure, but at the moment (in cold Norway) it`s very tempting to just go away to a sunny beach and stay there forever.

But I can understand the successful marketers, that once you get started and you have become successful, it`s hard to stop. And why should they stop? If they have more ideas for new products, why not create them (as long as they are good)?

The reason I started to ask myself this question today, was the e-mail I received about a new Pay Per Click product. The person behind the product is the $1 million affiliate. My first thought was, why would the $1 million affiliate create a new product?

Hopefully it`s because he needs to share some very important information with us 🙂

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