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Why Are ClickBank Doing This?

There’s one thing I just don’t get about ClickBank, there are probably many reasons to why they are doing it, but at the moment I don’t understand it. Hopefully someone can help me understand.

First of all, ClickBank is a great marketplace for your products if you have infoproducts that you want to sell. And it’s a great place to find affiliate programs to sell in order to earn money. They have a lot of various products in all sorts of categories.

So, to my question. Why aren’t the newest and hottest programs where the owner uses ClickBank showing on their marketplace (in their directory)? It seems that it takes a few weeks for it to get updated. One example is the Day Job Killer, this is probably the newest and hottest of the ClickBank products. I have received a lot of e-mails and I have seen it advertised all over the Internet.

I can see that Day Job Killer (I am not an affiliate) use ClickBank, but why can’t I find it in the ClickBank directory? Is it because a few experienced marketers are earning money to update “people like me” and help online marketers to earn money from ClickBank?

As I said in the beginning I just can’t understand why brand new clickbank products can’t show up immediately at the ClickBank marketplace for everybody. Wouldn’t this be best for ClickBank and wouldn’t this help the owner of the product to earn even more money?

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