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Why Am I Not Thinking Straight

I have been writing on my e-book a while, the one I have titled “Why We Suck At Internet Marketing”. It all started out really well, I have written many pages, and I am looking forward to get it published on the Internet. And I am looking forward to get some reactions from readers.

But at the same time, I find myself doing all sorts of stuff, everything but writing the e-book.

OK, I have been writing posts on my two blogs; the one you are reading right now, and my brand new one called Protein High Foods. I really enjoy writing, so I don’t really have a problem with that. Other than that I get less time to write on the e-book and finish it.

I have also spent many hours lately to figure out how to publish the e-book once it’s finished.

I just upgraded my RapidWeaver to version 4.0. It’s a very cool software for Mac, and I paid for the upgrade because I am going to use it to publish my e-book. The e-book will be published as a “regular” website.

Now, I didn’t think that upgrading RapidWeaver would cause me another problem, but it did. Lately, I have been thinking more about the design of the website/e-book than writing it.

So, what I am trying to tell you, is that I still don’t know when I’ll finish it… but I am going to continue writing sometime soon (I promise).

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