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Who controls Google?

I am just wondering; would it be illegal if Google provided biased search results?

Let me give you an example.

Some of the top people at Google would like the democrats to win the presidential election in the United States. To help the democrats, they offer some undercover marketing. Every time someone used Google to search for republican or something related to the party, they would get negative information regarding the republicans. And every time someone searched for democrats or something related to the party, they would get very positive information.

Do you get the picture?

Who controls Google?

Can Google have any impact regarding the presidential election, even if they tried? And what if they did try, would anybody suspect it, or would they get caught?

Well, even if they wanted, I guess it would be kind of hard for them to do anyway. They got more than ten thousand employees around the world. A few people could probably not stage something like that. But sometimes you might stop and think, do you remember the google miserable failure search?

And there have been several so called Political Google bombs, but what if they were not bombs, but directed from Google headquarters? This is not a conspiracy theory, I am just asking, what if?

8 responses to “Who controls Google?”

  1. Lee starusta says:


  2. Esther says:

    You know what’s funny? When I clicked on this google search result, my computer went into instant alert–“Your computer is being infected — ALERT, ALERT!!!” I closed the window, copied the http address to Yahoo and what’dya know… the above post came up with no scary alerts. I find that rather interesting, don’t you?
    As to Google’s influence on their news feed–totally think there’s some messing around. Yesterday the first thing to pop up in their news about the potential nuclear disaster in Japan wasn’t anything about the disaster itself, rather stories about the nuclear industry being hurt by bad PR.

    • jens says:

      Oh, I didn’t know about this. What kind of browser are you using?

      I should look into this, because most of my visitors comes via Google 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  3. Tod Hope says:

    It is rumoured that Google prevented access to a press release concerning the Willy the Wizard case against J.K.Rowling by bowing to pressure from her notorious lawyers Schillings. The press release appeared in hundreds of papers and articles around the world but a search on the keywords “Rowling-Adrian Jacobs” was quickly rendered defunct and now shows nothing. If Google can be arm-wrestled into submission to do such a thing then freedom of speech is at the mercy of power elites. An intolerable state of affairs when
    Google itself pulled out of China on the basis of encroachment by the
    Chinese government. The press release which I have read is completely factual and non-defamatory raising the question of whether said power elites can be exclusively privileged by Google to dumb down what is essentially one of the biggest cases of its kind in modern history. Surely Google’s first duty is to mankind in general, the freedom of information act, and our democratic rights … or since when did we all cease to be equal under the law?

    • jens says:

      Hey Tod,

      This is very interesting. I haven’t heard anything about this before.

      I use Google all the time, and to me, it’s by far the best search engine, but they have become very powerful. And it’s an interesting question, because it’s a private company.

      Thanks again for your brilliant comment.


  4. Tod Hope says:

    Thanks Jens,
    Never forget: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” and what power is more absolute in the world of information than Google at present? And how many power mongers do you suppose are climbing over each other to get their hands on a piece of it? Schillings job is to suppress any information true or false about their clients from reaching the public. They do this by legal threat and have jumped all over Google and Twitter and are even trying to get the law changed in their favour in order to control your fundamental human right… freedom of expression upon which democracy as we know it is actually based. Crazy or what? But we are back again to “power” and “corruption”, are we not?

    • jens says:

      Power corrupts, that’s true. I have a masters degree in political science, and I’ve read a lot about power and what it does to people, and I remember your quote (from Lord Acton). It’s a brilliant quote, and we see it over and over again what power does to people.

      Google represents one of the most powerful companies when it comes to controlling information (along with Facebook and a few others), so it’s very interesting to look a little closer when it comes to how they are using this power. Most people never question Google, they just rely on them to deliver the “right” results.

      Thanks again for the brilliant comment Tod.


  5. PBscott says:

    I have been watching to my horror as my website now receives only 15% of the search results it did last year, as well as my own personal Google searches are coming back with only the Major Major websites over and over again these days, none of which will answer my specific questions.

    I have come to the conclusion that money controls Google, it is no longer about relevance. The internet has recently been divided up between the haves, and those that will never stand a chance.

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