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Who are you when you are blogging?

You are the writer, the person talking to your audience. But, when you write, who are you really?

Your readers might think that you are telling your personal story. Or it might seem like you are writing the story of someone else. No matter who you are when you are blogging, you are telling a story.

I like to pretend that I’m someone else, and that I’m the one who are living the story, even though that’s not always the truth.

I have written about walking in complete darkness and I have written about the cold November rain. I pretended it was me. The important part is not that it didn’t really happen. The important part is that I used my imagination to create stories.

I don’t focus on who I am when I’m writing. I focus on who you are. I ask myself questions; why are you visiting my blog and why are you reading what I’m publishing?

Sometimes I ask my readers for feedback, other times I just keep writing, trying to be like you while I’m writing. Asking myself what I’d like to read if I was the reader (on other similar blogs).

The three parts of storytelling

I’m writing to tell you my story, and my story is the story about my company, my product or my services. I’m the protagonist; the superhero. I’m creating a theme to show you that I’m interesting. It brings more awareness to me (my company, my product or my services).

But, in order to be interesting, the story should have an antagonist. We need a villain; an enemy. The enemy is the problem we need to solve. That’s what we’ve been asking our customers to help us with. We need feedback to find the antagonist.

The exciting part, to me, is the revelation, the part where the superhero solves the problem; fights the antagonist and wins. That’s the three elements of storytelling.

Your story

Your story should be different, even though it’s not about being different anymore. You need to realize that everything you do is part of your story. That’s why your car tells a story – about you. And, that’s why you need to start with the end in mind.

What’s your story?

You have a story, even if you haven’t prepared one. Is your story whatever comes to mind and whatever helps you bring out the point you’re trying to make? Are you just trying to sell your products or services by using different methods of promotion? Are you pushing to get sales?

It’s still easy to get awareness. If you «shout» loud enough and long enough, people will notice you. Like I said, you have a story already, even if you’re not prepared. Your story could be about shouting, if you’re not careful.

Instead, prepare, and be more like the pizza delivery guy. Focus on your customers first. Deliver remarkable customer service. When you do, they’ll tell the world about you – but only if;

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