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Which autoresponder is the best?

There are many autoresponders to choose from, I have tried several and in this post I am just going to list a few of the most known autoresponders and I will say what I think you should look at when you decide which one you want to try.

First, here´s a list of some of the best autoresponders that I know of (in no particular order):

There are probably many other autoresponders that I should put on my list, if you know about any that you think are really good, please leave a comment. And I know that there are many programs that have autoresponders integrated, like one that I use a lot (ultimate affiliate manager). I have not listed programs like that, maybe some other time…

What I have learned while I was looking for the best autoresponder is that they are all almost the same. Some have better templates than the others, but the features are almost the same. What I believe that you should be looking at is the price, and it varies a lot.

It all depends on how large your list is, if you are sending e-mails to 100 people or 1000 or maybe 100,000 people. And you should choose your autoresponder carefully, because once you have started using it and your list is getting big, you can´t just switch to another one and expect to import your list.

Spam regulations have forced the best autoresponder companies not to allow customers to import their own list of leads. You have to “earn” your leads while you are using their software.

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