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Where to Buy the Best Tea in the World

I drink tea not coffee, actually I have never tasted coffee. Most of my friends and family drink coffee, but I am still not tasting. Well, maybe I should someday just to taste how good it really is. But I haven’t been thinking about it that much, because I have found a company that sells the best tea that I have ever tasted and it might as well be the best tea in the world.

Why would I say that?

I order my tea on the Internet, I never go to the local store anymore. I order my tea from directly from China, and they have been making tea for thousands of years. When I first ordered it, I was a little sceptical, not because it was from China. Well, maybe a little, it was the first time that I had ordered anything from China and it was the first time that I had ordered tea on the Internet.

My first thoughts after I placed my order, was that I would probably not receive the tea for a long time. But to my surprise I received it in about 7 days (and I live in Norway). The package was small, with large beautiful Chinese stamps. About thirty minutes later or so, I had my first cup of Chinese tea. And it was awesome. The taste was incredible and according to the website the health benefits from the green tea are many. It was so much better than any tea I had ever bought in Norway or Sweden, or actually from what I have been drinking in other countries as well.

The company that I bought the tea from is Tea Spring and their website is They ship the tea worldwide and they have a large selection of tea, not only the famous green tea, black tea, white tea and yellow tea, but Chinese Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea and Chinese Herbal Tea. Their website is in English and it’s very easy to navigate and order.

You can pay with credit card or PayPal. And one of the things that I like the most about their website is that all registered customers can review the tea. I always look at the company have written about the tea and then if it sounds good, then I look at the customer reviews. Sometimes the customer reviews are a little different than what the company have written about the tea.

Anyway, this post is purely a promotion based upon a tea company in China that I truly recommend to anybody. They have been incredibly fast and they are cheap and they have sent me the best tea that I have ever tasted. I ordered some new tea about ten minutes ago, and it’s not my final order by far.

I am not earning any money from this promotion, I just want you to know about my little tea secret from China called Tea Spring.

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  1. yes,tea spring is a very good chinese tea on line store.

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