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When should you say no?

I have been trying to start a new business for some time now. I have been in touch with a programmer and together we were going to launch the business. The date for the launch was set to be February 1st, the date was decided several weeks before Christmas. It seemed that we were both really excited about the work.

Now, several months later I am not sure what to do. I have done my part and sent him everything he asked for, but I haven´t heard anything from him in ages. There´s no way that we can launch the business at February 1st. I have a bad feeling about finishing this project.

Some of the facts are:

I am one of those guys that will get a little sad if not everybody is happy, and if this programmer is contacting me at February 1st and would like to keep going and finish the project, I would probably say “ok let´s do it”. That´s just me, but now I just want to say no!

When people can´t keep deadlines and they can´t contact me to say what is going on – I just want to stop everything and do something completely different. I think that I am entitled to a little respect and that´s why I hope to say no when he eventually contacts me sometime in the future.

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