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When should you buy software?

I just found a great new rss software, I have tried it a few days and it´s just awesome. It´s better than the one I have, and it looks a lot nicer. But why should I pay money for it (even though it´s only $20), when the software I am currently using to read rss feeds are good enough for me?

The rss software I am currently using is NetNewsWire Lite and it´s free. I am not sure if it has any advanced options because I am not using any of them anyway. The software I have recently discovered is Newslife.

It´s really just a coincidence that I am compairing the these two at the moment. I have tons of software that I should buy, but I am using the free version instead. I always keep asking “is this software good enough for me to buy it?” It´s not easy at all, if it was only one piece of software to chose from, then it would be easy.

At the moment I am just buying software that I really need and software that doesn´t have a free (and good enough) alternative.

$20 for this and $20 for that, it will be sort of expensive in the end. But Newslife was really nice though, I guess I just have to think about it a little more (RSS is becoming an important part of my daily routine, and having the best feed reader might help me a lot in the future).

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