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When Details Matters To Your Blog Visitors

I have read several discussions over at other blogs and at discussion forums where many have been discussing something that I first thought was kind of trivial. I have never actually given it much thought, but now I find myself thinking more and more about it (but I wish I didnīt). It doesnīt take up much of my time, but I just canīt seem to find the right answer to the question.

Should links open in a new window or not?

What I have done, without thinking much about it, is that I have made all internal links (links to posts and pages at my blog) open in the same window. I have made all external links (links to other sites / blogs than my blog) open up in a new window. I donīt know why, but thatīs how I have done it.

When I come to think about it, it sounds like I have done something right even though a lot of people according to the discussions disagrees with me. When external links opens up in a new window your visitors will still be at your blog / site when they are finished reading the external page. But if they open up the external link in the same window I think that it might be less likely that they will go back to your blog / site after they finish reading if they have to click on the back button. I donīt know this for sure, but I just feel like thatīs what is more likely to happen.

Some of the people that I have discussed this topic with say that all links should always open up in the same window, this way your visitors can decide themselves if they want it to open up in the same window or a new one. But as long as I havenīt heard any big protests, I will keep my external links to open up in a new window. What I have done different since I read the discussions, is that I write a text next to the links with something like (this link opens up in a new window)… just in case.

12 responses to “When Details Matters To Your Blog Visitors”

  1. annalaura says:

    It may be the cheapest but is it the best for you? That is the question anyone who is considering joining needs to ask themselves.

  2. jens says:

    Yes, I agree 100%. I just thought it was interesting to see if there are any mlm income opportunities cheaper than GDI.

  3. chad says:

    I checked out GDI and even signed up for awhile but I took one thing into consideration. You get $1 per month for everyone in your downline so if you wanted to make say $3000/month you’d have to have 3000 people in your downline. Well, that may or may not seem like a lofty goal but if I had 3000 people in my downline in the MLM I’m with now I’d be making closer to $10,000/month

  4. Jens says:

    Yes, it’s hard to earn a lot of money from GDI even though you might get a people to help you to build your downline.

    I cancelled my account a few weeks ago.

  5. Joy says:

    Did you stay with GDI?
    How about a current update?

  6. Patrick S says:


    I started with GDI a couple months ago but I haven’t been able to get people to join.

    I don’t think GDI is a very good business opportunity. It only pays $12 per year for each person you refer and it’s hard as heck to get someone to join.

    GDI seems to have a bad reputation. 🙂

    I have canceled my account.

  7. Sherman says:

    I am not a member, but someone sent me a $7 MLM company one time entry fee. Called, it is a 2by forced matrix, that recycles every 6 people in your group….tell me what you think of this, anyone? I am just courious.

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