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When a browser is all you need

I was actually so amazed when I visited the free products that I am about to describe, I was so amazed that I was thinking “this is too good to be true”. And it might be, but so far I haven´t found anything to support that claim. I have tried the products and they work and they are free (at least the ones I have tried).

So, what am I talking about here? Most people have installed MS Office and a few of us have even bought it. As you probably know, MS Office costs a lot of money. But it´s a good product and most people use it, so we think that we just got to have it. On the other hand, there are some very good options that are free, like OpenOffice and a few others.

But what I am going to tell you about today is something similar but at the same time very different. Now you can use the office programs like MS Word with just having a browser and being connected to the Internet. Well, you can´t use MS Word but a program that is so similar that I bet that most of us don´t need anything else than this new software and yes it´s free. And not only do this company offer word, but they offer the following great options: ajaxWrite, ajaxSketch, ajaxXLS, ajaxPresents and a few more. All you need is your webbrowser, I have been using Firefox and it works great.

Visit Ajax13 to read more about the products and get access to them. Test them yourself and see if you are as amazed as I was and still am.

10 responses to “When a browser is all you need”

  1. Jens says:

    I have just received information from Aweber that ProSender is a Private Label of AWeber. The features and support for the services are the same.

  2. Scott SEO Copywriter says:

    hey Jens

    It is not unusual for peopel to purshase rights to private label services or products. Looks like this is what Mike has done. If you go to his site you will see links to Prosender there.

    Just a step up from an affiliate program.

    Hope this relieves the confusion

  3. Jens says:

    Yes, but what I think is a little bit strange is that the design is identical to Aweber. I know now that it´s a private label service, but why use identical design? It probably doesn´t matter, but some might get a little bit confused.

    And why join Prosender when the price is exactly the same as Aweber?

  4. Barry Richardson says:

    Aweber DICTATES what it will look like. Mike has no choice. Sure, he gets to put his own name on it, but that’s it. If you have a private lable version of Aweber you HAVE to take their look also.

    People will join Mike’s Prosender simply because he recommends them to it. Some will not even know Aweber exists when they join Prosender. Others will join Mike’s Prosender version simply because they like Mike.


  5. Tom Kulzer says:


    We don’t dictate what the site looks like. Please try to refrain
    from guessing at an answer if it’s a topic that you don’t have first
    hand knowledge of. That’s how bad rumors get started.

  6. Wyndell says:

    Oh, I tried to access prosender. it is down for the meantime. What happened?

  7. Jens says:

    Hi Wyndell

    It seems to be working now.

  8. John says:

    Simple – Mike is an affiliate of Aweber and therefore redesigns the page and puts HIS name on the page to encourage people to join through Prosender.

    He makes money.

  9. Jamie says:

    aweber has a private label option
    there are a few like prosender
    and automateyourlist
    and possible a few others

  10. rps17 says:


    It is a good question. I use Prosender and it use the same technology of AWeber. The difference is about the plans which the Prosender are much more interesting financially.

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