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When and Where are you Creative?

I am always more creative when I am alone, usually with the door closed and while I am listening to music. The music is usually pretty loud, and I am listening to rock or some other fast pace genre. I am not as creative when I am using the computer, I like pen and paper.

I am more creative after 8 pm and before 8 am. I am more creative a few hours before I go to bed and a few hours around breakfast. I should never work more than 45 minutes without a break, I should probably never work more than 30 minutes without a break. If I do, I am not that creative.

I am actually the least creative when I am at work. 8 am to 4 pm is my least productive hours.

If you know this about yourself, it’s a lot easier to know when to work, where to work and for how long you should work.

When and where are you creative? Do you listen to music while thinking and working, or do you need to be with other people in order to get things done?

We are all different.

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