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What You Should Learn From People Selling Cars

There are probably many things you shouldn’t be learning from people selling cars, but there is at least one thing that you should learn.

Free test drives are important, sometimes that’s what sells the car, not the person actually trying to sell the car.

Every brand new car should have a major advertisement on the car. Whenever somebody is test driving the car, all the other people watching will know what kind of car she’s test driving.

How can we apply this to Internet Marketing?

All software, should have a free trial period. All ebooks should have a free chapter, or some free pages. And, whenever we’re testing something, people should be told about it.

In order to download a free trial of a software, we should all be “forced” to tweet about it, in order to read some free pages, we should all be “forced” to share this information with our friends on Facebook.

This way, free becomes even more powerful.

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