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What You Never Should do to win Political Elections

Winning political elections might be all about the right marketing, at least that what it seems to be a few weeks before any election. We usually don`t hear or see much of the politicians during the year here in Norway, but now there`s definitely something happening out there.

You see them in the streets, on posters, on the TV, you hear them on the radio and you can read articles and stories in newspapers and magazines. It`s close to impossible not to know that there will be an election in a few days from now. Maybe that`s how the democratic system works? Stay hidden for most of the time, and only show yourself to the people when you have to (in order to win elections).

Before I reveal what you never should do to win a political election, I want to tell you about one of my opinions or maybe you can call it an idea? It`s very easy to spot the political parties with the biggest budgets, because you can see their ads everywhere. And many times you can see their ads at places where I know that it costs almost a fortune to advertise. To me this means that political parties with the smallest budgets will have close to no chance of winning any political election – because they are almost invisible.

In a democratic country, shouldn`t it be a system where all political parties had the same budgets and the same amounts of ads at the same places? Wouldn`t that be a much more fair political system? Now, the political marketing campaigns are dominated by a few parties. Some parties (with a lot of good intentions) will never get enough votes.

Now it`s time for the “what you should never do to win political elections”

Do you remember Watergate?

It might be rather obvious, but you should never do anything to harm your oponents when it comes to do stuff that`s not legal or tell tales that are not true (and especially if you know for sure that what you are saying is not true). This has nothing to do with politics, and I think that most people agree with me on that, even though there are many examples on political campaigns doing exactly this sort of illegal activities to gain more votes.

I recently discovered something that I think is political motivated and it looks like it might be regarding the Norwegian political election (this sunday and monday). At Wikipedia, a famous Norwegian politican, Torbjørn Jagland, had “out of the blue” received a little too much information. He didn`t only use to be the prime minister of Norway, he was now also a pedophil and he had also done an operation to change his sex. None of this is true, and the information was deleted from Wikipedia after a short while.

Was this attack on the Norwegian politician political motivated and did it have anything to do with the election? Well, I guess we will never know. If you ask me, the timing was a little too perfect, but if it was political motivated I don`t think the campaign did any harm at all.

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