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What You Can Accomplish In 20 Minutes

I have just reviewed a brand new Internet marketing training course, 20 Minute Payday (link to my review), by Russell Brunson.

I was sceptical.

When I got my hands on this, I wasn’t sure what to believe. The sales page looks awesome (it always does), with a cool video and a very long sales message explaining everything you get when you buy it.

No doubt about it, it looks awesome.

That’s not the problem

I’m always sceptical when it comes to products or services with a typical marketing trick in the name. 20 Minute Payday – who are they kidding?

To me, it sounds unbelievable, and when it sounds unbelievable, it usually is.

The training series

The training series teaches how to earn a living online working only 20 minutes a day. Wow.

No wonder I’m sceptical. I’m still kind of sceptical after watching the videos, and there are a lot of videos, many hours of watching.

But it was awesome

20 Minute Payday (link to my review) was awesome, probably better than any training course I’ve ever bought, it’s packed with information. I’ve even watched a workshop that people paid $5,000 to attend. You really get $39 worth of content (that’s my sales pitch).

Is a 20 Minute Payday even possible?

Yes, I believe it is. But it’s probably not what you think, and not what I was thinking when I first noticed the training course. You won’t earn a living online by working 20 minutes a day starting today or tomorrow.

The reason is simple. If you work hard with a system (a blueprint) the works, then after a while, the system will work for you and you can outsource many of your tasks.

In the end, you can work 20 minutes a day and the business will take care of you. On the other hand, I don’t think that people will only work 20 minutes a day even if they can. But that’s a completely different story.

Enjoy the review of 20 Minute Payday.

5 responses to “What You Can Accomplish In 20 Minutes”

  1. Julius says:

    So what is the idea of the product? How are you supposed to be making money online? I’ve bought a lot of products too and to me it’s a waste of time if you don’t apply their ideas right away. I am right now starting to make money but just because I am actually taking action and building websites.

    • Hey Julius,

      You’re absolutely right, you have to take action right away and build your business (websites). That’s also what this product is all about, they teach you the business plan and provide you with the blueprint, but you need to take action and do everything.

      How are you making money? As an affiliate or have you created your own products?

  2. Joseph Hipolito says:

    That was really great Sir jens I love to see this post you got my attention with this..

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