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What Would Happen If The Owner Died?

I got a strange thought a couple of days ago. I have been involved with a lot of various multi-level marketing schemes, online marketing services, affiliate programs and other “work from home” related stuff in the past years. A few days ago I started to think about one of the services that I have been using lately. They haven´t sent me an email for a while and they haven´t updated their website for a long time. What if the owner have been ill, or he or she died? What would happen to me?

The reason I started to think this way, is not just because of the little communication I have been having with one of my online services lately. It´s probably also due to the tragic death of Corey Rudl, the man behind The Internet Marketing Centre.

I am not sure what happened to the members of The Internet Marketing Centre, but I would think that they are still in good hands. I have heard that this is a very professional business and that they take really good care of their customers. They obviously have more than one person in their staff.

My mind was more thinking of online services with only one person in charge. I believe that there are many online businesses with only one person. The owner, the programmer, the guy with the idea, launched his site and started to sell the service online. In the age of the Internet, there´s really not that hard to launch your own online business. You don´t need a staff and you don´t need anything other than a computer, broadband and a room someplace. Well, you could probably run your business from the local library or the college dorm.

My point is this… as members of small online businesses/services, we are paying a high risk. A lot can happen to a person and we would never know. We are paying $20 a month to many various services online, to safelists, ezines, all sorts of submitters, traffic exchanges, autoresponders, hosting, you name it… there´s just a lot of services. If this service is not run by a professional company (with a reliable staff), you could be in big trouble if something happens to your guy. He doesn´t have to die, he could just get the flu, or his wife might just leave him.

…and then, you might not hear from him in months, nothing happens to your service, you might not get paid.

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