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At What Time Should You Publish Your Blog Posts?

I have been thinking about where most of my readers come from, and if it should matter when it comes to my writing. This is statistics that I get from Google Analytics and FeedBurner, and I have discovered that most of my readers are from the United States and Canada.

When it comes to blogging, should the time difference matter when I publish my articles?

Think about it this way. Is it better for me to publish an article when most of my readers are awake and using their computer, or can I just publish my article while they are sleeping and it wouldnīt matter when it comes to if they read it or not?

I am not really sure if it matters or not. The best thing would of course be that I just write and publish my articles when I feel like it, and I wouldnīt have to think about anything other than my contents. That would be great, and thatīs something that I have done so far.

But last night I thought about my own experience when it comes to rss feeds that I subscribe to. I usually check them once a day, and at that time I have several hundred articles to scan through, once I have scanned them, only the best and most interesting ones will be read. After I have read the them, I keep my feed reader active as long as I am at the computer working. If someone publishes an article I will get it immediately in my feed reader, and if I do, I usually check it out.

Itīs more likely for a person publishing an article while I am working on my computer to get it read by me than if the person do it while I am sleeping or away from my computer. Thatīs just how I work and manage my rss feeds.

Should I consider that most people are like that?

I am not sure that they are. And when it comes to my readers being in the US, I would have to be blogging at times when I should be doing something completely different (sleeping). I could write the article, and then just wake up in the middle of the night to publish it. It will only take about 1 or 2 minutes, but then my sleep will be interrupted.

Something that would have helped me with my “problem” is a new function in wordpress, a function where I could set the time and date where my article should be published. Wouldnīt that be great? I could just write many articles as soon as I have my ideas and put them all to be published on certain dates and times, it would be almost like an autoresponder…

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