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What should Britney Spears do to Promote herself?

After reading all about Britney Spears and her latest show and her various performances in public lately, I thought to myself “what would I have done to promote myself if I was Britney Spears”?

I could have done another MTV-like show sometime soon, or I could appear on a talk show and tell the world about my life the past year or so, I could appear in different magazines and tell the same story with some cute pictures. Or I could go on tour all over the country so all my fans could hear me sing.

But you know what, I wouldn`t have done any of that if I was Britney Spears.

I would have invited some of my most hardcore fans, the people who have backed me up no matter what the media have told the world about me. I would have invited them to my house and I would have spent an entire week or so with them. I would have shown them how much I really appreciated them backing me up and how much I appreciate that they like my singing and my performances. I would have told them everything they wanted to know, and I would have spent a lot of money on them. I would have given them the time of their life.

And you know what?

TV stations, magazines and newspapers all over the world would know, even if I didn`t tell them about it, because they are always there. Give people who care the time of their lives and you would get the time of your life and the best marketing.

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