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What is really a scam?

It´s a scam!! Yes, I am sure it´s a scam! People are shouting, people are writing, spreading rumors. A lot of new business opportunities are appearing on the Internet every single day. Some of them might be really good and some of them not as good. The problem with some are that the people behind them are just online to trick us. They are here to earn their money fast and then dissapear.

According to Wikipedia a scam is “an attempt to intentionally mislead a person or persons (known as the mark) usually with the goal of financial or other gain.”

From this, a scam is not only what we usually experience online. The company might not dissapear, the management suddenly not there anymore, the helpdesk not answering any questions and so on.

Many will have problems that have similar traits, like the company that will restructure their compensation plans without telling/asking the members. Many members may have earned a lot of money and then suddenly they have to start from scratch. This is similar to companies selling stocks to the members. Some of them have suddenly, out of the blue, been doing stock splits. Stocks worth a lot of money, from one day to the other, would be worth next to nothing.

The companies might still be there the next day, they might not dissapear, but the management have been restructuring the companies so members will be losing money. A scam or not, it´s not the way business should be done.

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