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What now Text Link Ads?

Ever since I joined Text Link Ads and installed their code on my blog, I have been amazed on how easy it was. Not only how easy it was to use, but also to earn money. All I had to do was join and do a short description on my site, and finally install the code on my site. After that everything was done automatically.

Text Link Ads provided me with advertisers and I earned money, not a lot of money, but I earned some each and every month. And I still earn money, but yesterday I got an e-mail from an experienced marketer that got me a little worried.

He said that he had tried to advertise on my site through Text Link Ads. He had used several valid credit cards and nothing worked. So he ended up not advertising on my site. Ok, I lost an advertiser and a few dollars. That’s not really important, but hey how many more advertisers have I lost? I have no clue on how many this same stuff could have happened to. He might be the only one, or there could have been hundreds of people who have tried before him, even though I really doubt that.

I have sent a support request to Text Link Ads about the problem, and I am eager to read their answer. I have no clue on what happened, but I hope they have some kind of answer. If I am going to stay with them I need to be able to trust them. So far everything has been awesome, but this episode got me a little worried.

I will keep you posted.

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