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What is Next for E-Mail Marketing?

DMNews asked six thought leaders to give their prognosis for what’s ahead in e-mail marketing: The leaders are Deirdre Baird, CEO, Pivotal Veracity, Christopher Doran, vice president of marketing, Manticore Technology, David Geller, president/CEO, WhatCounts Inc., Jane Kaiser, president, Eclipse Direct Marketing LLC, Tim Marusich, vice president, e-mail marketing and general manager, BlueHornet and finally Mark Organ, CEO, Eloqua Corp.

You can read their answers here.

2 responses to “What is Next for E-Mail Marketing?”

  1. Russ says:

    Hey all you folks out there 🙂

    Is anyone REALLY making money in MLM? Or, is it all hype? Even in asking, how will I really know for sure anyway? ..So many companies with the BEST comp plans, BEST products, BEST everything! How can this be? I think its all a matter of opinion and a matter of HYPE AKA–BS!!)

    In all seriousness, I am very hopefull to find all the best in a company, team—one that shows you how to ‘make it’ in the business, and has a great plan, product(s), etc.

    Recently I’ve been considering companies such as:

    1. M2C Global
    2. Amigo Health
    3. Tahitian Noni Int’l.
    4. PCPhoneLink

    Please…If you are reading this I am asking for your help…pls.comment on what YOU do know and reply to the issues and the questions above.

    P.S. Any proof of earnings are commended are you are considered a person who hides behind nothing…just operating via honour & integrity!

    My Best,
    Russell Herd

  2. omnipend says:

    Hi Russell

    The word is that apx. 95% fails at MLM, and I believe this number to be close to the truth. The reason is simple, if you are just in it for the money and not for the job (if you know what I mean), then it will be hard to become successful.

    I have tried many companies and I have been successful with some. But lately, after five years or so, I have found a “secret” to it all.

    I have to believe in their product/business. I have to really want what they are offering, I have to really “nead” their product. If you do that, you will also be convincing as a salesperson.

    This is why I have joined Amigo Health. I have only been a member for apx. a month and I have not earned any money at all. Yes, that´s right.

    The reason why I haven´t earned any money (well, I have sold some, but I have not earned that much), is that I wanted to try the product for myself first.

    Now, I have given cans away for free to relatives to see if it has any effect on them. I have been feeling a lot better since I started using it, and I don´t have anything negative to say at all about the product or the company.

    I can´t really tell you that Amigo Health is any better than all the other companies out there, but I really believe in this product – I feel great.

    The Amigo Health team I am a part of is a great team with some top international marketers. We have a site with all kinds of resources, and we get all the help we need to build a huge downline. This way it will be a lot easier to earn money (you are not alone).

    So, I don´t have any proof of any earnings, since I really didn´t start to promote Amigo Health before apx. a month after I joined. I have sold the cans I have ordered offline and that was really easy.

    My marketing campaigns will start soon, some has already started and I have received many e-mails about Amigo Health – but I have not received any checks from the company yet.

    Amigo Health started at March 1st, so I don´t think that many are earning a huge income already… it will take a few more months before that will happen.

    Jens P. Berget

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