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What Makes A Salesperson Annoying?

Salespeople are calling me on a daily basis. They are trying to sell advertisement space and various products that will help our college to attract more students. Some of them call me once or twice, and never again. some of them call me several times a month, even though I am still not interested in their products. Some of them are really friendly and cool, others are plain annoying.

Yesterday, a got a call from one of the most annoying salespeople around. During the conversation, I didn’t really listen to what he had to say, instead, I was thinking about why I thought this guy was annoying. Was is because of what he said, or was it the way he said it?

It’s not easy to understand why someone causes irritation. Sometimes people is plain annoying because of the way they talk, sometimes they are annoying for not talking. Sometimes people can be annoying by the way they look, sometimes by the way they sound or how they smell.

Finally, I got the answer.

The guy is actually both a lot of fun and friendly, and there’s nothing annoying about him other than that he calls me several times a month. And he tries to sell the same products over and over again, and I am still not interested. I have actually never been interested.

So, the only reason he is annoying, is because he is taking up too much of my time.

The only way to make him stop being annoying is to tell him not to call me anymore. I know all about the product by now, I’ll call him if I want the product.

I told him this yesterday, and hopefully he’ll respect the decision. The only way to deal with annoying salespeople is to be explicit, and tell them clearly and in detail what they should be doing. If you are not explisit, some will never stop.

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