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What Kind Of Submit Buttons Should You Use?

If you are using an optin form with a submit button, do yourself a favor and change the name. In my experience, you should almost never use a button with the name “submit” on it or “subscribe” or “sign up” for that matter. This is because my experience shows me that people are more reluctant to join when you use those words. Do something else, be different.

I think that if you use “Get instant access” or “Yes, I am ready!”. People will be more positive to sign up for whatever you are offering. Just take a look at one of my splash pages and you can see that I am not using submit or subscribe. I am not saying that this splash page is any good or not, I am only concentrating on the button.

I haven´t got any statistics to show how big the difference is between the ordinary submit / subscribe / sign up and more creative buttons, but I think that you should at least try it. You can find even better words for buttons than the ones I suggested.

… what sort of button would you click on? That´s how you should think. Maybe something like, “instant access to millions” 🙂

7 responses to “What Kind Of Submit Buttons Should You Use?”

  1. Louie Del Rio says:

    I was going to sign up with GDI 3in7 but first did some research but there’s limited info outside of their target blogging and forum discussion (they highjack a forum and blast it with positive feedback … it works!) Is there a “catch” that you have to get 1,000 hits to your affiliate page before you get 3 … I read it in their e-mail newsletter … otherwise I have seen mostly postive and will likely keep looking at it closely. Although I get more leads than I can possibly use weekly from my own program, I like the incentive approach to attract GDI prospects…cuts through the clutter and anxiety of prospects-

  2. Jens says:


    I can’t see anything negative with 3in7. Well, their guarantee is that you will get 3 signups at GDI in seven days if you get 1,000 hits or more to your 3in7 url.

    It doesn’t cost you anything, and getting the 1,000 hits is rather easy. Because you can use traffic exchanges or whatever you’d like.

    The only problem I see with 3in7 is that if you don’t get the 3 signups you will get a $10 check, in Norway it’s rather expensive with checks from other countries. I think that 3in7 should be paying the $10 using PayPal (or something similar) instead.

  3. Louie says:

    OK – I made the leap and got a 2nd account and … 3in7 is worth it.

    I got my 3 in 7 by doing exactly what their action guide says. The 1,000 hits were very easy with auto traffic exchanges … leave you’re computer on at night and wake up with over 1,000 if you are running a couple of exchanges overnight.

    It really is the best marketing incentive for GDI, 3in7 is free and 3in7 takes care of all the overhead and the guarantee and leave me to use it as a draw …

    …However, to cut thru the 3in7 clutter I have also sweeten the pitch by adding my own system that leverages a few other low cost GDI systems together with a program that delivers me 10,000 leads a day (yes a day!) and it has hundreds of free ebooks and software titles for incentives and a sales page creator that gets me top Google rankings in less than 3 weeks.

    So far so good … every day I am growing and getting a deeper downline-

    Thanks for your initial feedback!


  4. Louie says:

    Update- 3in7 is working!

    In fact it’s now the core my TEAM site where I provide all the tools my sign ups need … 3in7 provides the best incentive- sign ups! It’s a no-brainer-

    Paired with my free 1000s of weekly leads and free tools and how to manuals, my downline is also succeeding and growing deep!



  5. carol says:

    3in7 still works today unlike a lot of marketing systems for GDI 3in7 is free and doesn’t ask you to signup for a number of other programs that cost you a pretty penny..

    3in7 is a nice lead capture page and the rotator works Great. I would advise to only put those members on your rotator that really are trying to build their GDI.. it’s not as much know how as it is WANT TO 🙂
    Have fun !

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