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What if Darren Rowse Experienced Invalid Click Activity?

If you have no idea who Darren Rowse is, then you should check out one of his blogs, especially the one that I read frequently. I am talking about (the link will open in a new window), its a great blog about how to earn money online from blogging. He is a great writer and he is creative, his topics are always interesting and he is earning a lot of money from Google AdSense. He is rather famous, and maybe the guys and girls at the Google AdSense team have heard about him.

… but what if Darren Rowse experienced invalid click activity or should I say “illegal” click activity at his blog? This is click activity defined as invalid or illegal by The Google AdSense Team (the link will open in a new window). What do you think would happen to Darren and his account?

I am only using him as an example of a very successful blogger earning an income from Google AdSense. I could probably have used a different person, because there are a few out there making it big with AdSense, but Darren Rowse is the author that I am reading the most frequently and he is the guy that I know for a fact that is very successful with Google AdSense (and this is the only reason why I am using him as an example, and hopefully he wont mind).

Sure, this is a hypotethical question, because I have no idea what actually would happen if he experienced invalid click activity. But do you really think that his account would be frozen and his money taken away from him as fast as for “everybody else”? Do you think that The Google AdSense Team would listen more to his arguments than to a “normal” blogger and do you think that the Google AdSense Team would send their standard / automatic e-mails to him or do you think that he would get special treatment?

My guess is that; if you got money, if you got fame or some kind of power, you will get special treatment. It would in fact be very interesting to hear if some of the top bloggers have experienced invalid click activity and get some information about the reaction of the Google AdSense Team. Do you think that you were treated like everybody else?

And by the way, I am not writing this post because I am in anyway angry with The Google AdSense Team for kicking me out and banning me from their services for invalid click activity 🙂

update: I just read a post at problogger, where Darren Rowse writes that he had to wait six weeks for a check from AdSense one time. He also writes a little about his relationship towards the Google AdSense Team, read the post at (the link opens in a new window).

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  1. Allen says:

    I just tried the query from google leading to your site but I did not see the plug-in in action. Did you turn the plug-in off?

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