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What if Britney Spears was Naked on my Blog?

First of all, Britney Spears is not naked on my blog. So if you are just looking for pictures of her, then you should probably go someplace else. But before you leave ….

By writing this article about Britney Spears I am actually only using her as an example. It could be a different woman or man (or a thing for that matter), as long as he or she (or it) is very popular. If you find the headline affending, please just try to follow my thoughts for a moment.

If you like Britney or not, I think it helps to think about your next blog post this way “what if Britney Spears was naked on my blog?” The reason I say that you should think this way, is that she is very popular and her name receives a lot of traffic, just by writing about her. If you had a picture of her naked on your blog, you would be the only one (well, I am not really sure if there are any pictures of her naked or not). So, with a picture of her on your blog you would get a huge amount of traffic every single day.

I am not saying that you should post rare nude pictures of celebrities on your blog in order to gain traffic. I am saying that you should have a different mindset when you write your articles. Every post should be rather unique and something that people want to read and that they are actually searching for. Instead of posting the Britney news, you might find something that you are looking to solve. A problem that you have thought about yourself, a problem that it was hard to find a solution for and now just write an article about it where you include the solution and help others.

One example from my own blogging is when I started to use Google Analytics. I found a statistic about bounce rates, and I just couldnīt understand what this was all about. I did some searching and I found an easy answer, instead of just using this answer for myself, I wrote an article about it. I thought of it like this, if I didnīt get it, others are probably searching for the same answer. To be sure about that, I used Google Keyword tool (the link opens in a new window) and the Overture keyword selector tool (the link opens in a new window). By using them you can find out how many searches there are for the keywords you are thinking about using.

What I am doing and where my thoughts of Britney appears.

I am asking myself this when I am about to write a new article. Is this article like having Britney Spears naked on my blog? No, they never are, but thinking of my articles this way helps my mind be a little more creative. Sometimes I get ideas and new articles that I think I would never have published if it wasnīt for this particular question / mindset.

… and once again. I am only using Britney Spears as an example for this mindset. Please donīt ask me why I like Britney Spears , I could have used the brand new iPhone for that matter, but for the sake of this example I think Britney Spears naked is something that might be more popular over a period of a few years.

Find your own “dream” article or picture and use that one as an example before you publish it. Wil this one article help you get huge amounts of traffic? How many people are interested in viewing or reading what you are about to publish?

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