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What I Wish For in The iPhone

I am not going to discuss the rumor about whether the iPhone is coming or not. I am just going to tell you that all I want from this mobile phone is the look and feel of my iPod. The same great sound and the same functionality.

I want an mp3 player with a phone, not the other way around. I want to be able to make phone calls and send SMS with my iPod. I don´t care about anything other than a “simple” phone, but with a great mp3 player. If this is what is coming, then I will buy it for sure.

But if what they are launching (might be launching) is a new phone with limited mp3 possibilities, but with a lot of nice phone features – then I will probably get stuck with my old Sony Ericsson 🙂

And hopefully it will look a lot like the iPod… can´t think of a better design.

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