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What I suggest you do

I have been receiving a lot of questions about Affiliate Silver Bullet lately, and especially about their new version. I am actually not sure if I like the new version or not, I am still thinking about it.

My advice to you, if you are thinking about joining Affiliate Silver Bullet (ASB), is to join the new version as a free member first. Stay as a free member for a couple of weeks, maybe even three weeks, and then decide whether you think this version of ASB will help you earn money or not.

So, how do you become a free member of Affiliate Silver Bullet?

Well, you can pay as a regular member and then ask for a refund if you don’t like the system. They have the 30–day full money back guarantee, and it works, you will get your money back. But that’s not what I have in mind.

I would like you to join the blog of the owner of ASB, that’s Dustin Struckman, because the new version of ASB is all about his Internet Marketing blog.

If you join his newsletter on the blog, you will see how you are going to make money with the new version. The new version is all about sending traffic to the blog and Dustin Struckman does everything from there on. You will not have to do anything at all. It’s 110 % automated, like it or not.

If you become a free subscriber of his newsletter and you will receive a few offers during the 2/3 weeks. If you don’t like the way he writes or his offers or for whatever reason you don’t like it, then my advice to you is not to join Affiliate Silver Bullet. If you do like it, and you think that the sales letters from Dustin Struckman can help you make a lot of cash, then you might want to consider joining.

Even though there is a new version of Affiliate Silver Bullet, you will still have access to all the bullets and the “old” system. So there is really two ways to earn money, with the old system and the new system. So far, I think I like the old version better, but I hope Dustin proves me wrong.

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4 responses to “What I suggest you do”

  1. Tim says:

    Oh boy now you’ve done it!

  2. Tim says:

    Start surfing, will try this out =P

  3. Tim says:

    Ok it should be noted that I Love Hits has a rating feature. I thought there was a thumbs up / down thing for some reason. When I checked today for it I realized there was a link on the surfbar to open a rating & comment page. So ILH you can leave comments too, but SX the ratings are on the surfbar and you get activity pts too =P

  4. Jens says:


    You are fast Tim 🙂

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