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What is happening at christmas?

Every christmas marketing gurus all across the world turns into santa claus and sends you free or very cheap offers, it usually starts around December 1st and continues all the way until 24th. Do you know why they are doing this? Maybe they just want to be nice and give you something back for christmas?

Well, I doubt it.

I have received many e-mails with various offers every single day of December and so far I can´t see that I have received one genuine offer that is actually a gift and nothing more than a gift.

Ok, all offers might be very cheap and you might think of them as gifts. You might be excited that you got a huge deal and think that the person who told you about the deal is the best person in the world and so on. Well, think again (I hope that I am not destroying a friendship here).

What they are doing is collecting your contact information. It´s more like an advanced form of lead capture. You get a great deal (some nice software and e-books) they get your contact information and will build a huge list. In a few weeks or months, you will get another offer and another offer… I think that you get my point.

So, you should not consider it as a christmas gift. They are not doing it for you, they are doing it for themselves. Think of it this way, why should they give you something – do you know them personally? Some people might actually have a christmas gift or two for you – but the reason they have this is that they have earned a lot of money from you, they decided to finally give something back to you 🙂

I am not saying that you shouldn´t grab one of the free or cheap offers, just think about it and don´t think it´s actually santa that is giving it to you.

One of the offers that I have been receiving most e-mails about is this one, it´s very tempting and I really don´t blame you if you sign up for the gifts.

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