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What To Do When People Cancel A Payment?

When you are selling something online, you should always have a backup plan for what you should do if people decides not to buy from you. Most online marketers that I know of have a thank you page with a one time offer for people who actually buys from them, but what about those people who starts the process of paying and then suddenly cancels the payment?

I am not sure how to do this at all payment processors, but at PayPal it’s rather simple. You can add a url for people who stops the process and decides not to buy. When they cancel the payment you can send them to a site of your choice. So, instead of just sending them to your blog, I always have an offer for them. This is an offer that I think they might find interesting, and if they didn’t buy the product that I sent them to in the first place, they might buy this one.

I am using OTO Goldmine (the link opens up a new window) for this, a free service where you get various one time offers to display for your visitors and your campaigns. It’s very easy to setup and it uses ClickBank to generate the offers and you get paid by ClickBank.

What I do is this. I have created a campaign at OTO Goldmine where I display various popular marketing products from ClickBank. Products that most people find interesting, especially people who have been interested enough in my products in the first place, because I usually advertise marketing products.

Here is an example of the offer (it opens up in a new window) I am displaying to my “customers”. At the top you see the text “You have successfully cancelled your payment”, that’s really all they need to know, but after this I am trying to grab their attention…

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work. You should always try, never let them go without a fight 🙂

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