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What is The Death of Google AdWords?

I have just received information about the brand new report from Simon Leung. It`s called The Death of Google AdWords, and according to the sales page:

Google is Digging Its Own Grave as We Speak – And if You Don’t Get the Right Story Right Now Before It’s Too Late, Your Business WILL Get Buried With It.

I guess this will only apply if you are using Google AdWords as a way to promote whatever you are selling? Or maybe it`s something that you should even take a look at if you are using other pay per click methods as well?

The sales page got testimonials from a lot of people and Simon Leung is a rather famous person when it comes to Internet marketing and escpecially when it comes to AdWords. This “controversial” report might be something that you should consider, especially if you are involved with AdWords.

The price today is only $2 and that`s probably the cheapest report I have ever seen. But is it any good?

Well, I have no clue, because I haven`t bought it yet. But for only $2, I might buy it just because it`s so cheap. The problem is when will I have the time to read it?

Visit The Death of Google AdWords.

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