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What all Rock Stars should do

A few weeks ago, I was at a concert in Gothenburg. It was a Christmas concert, where all songs were related to Christmas. It was a great concert, and especially the choir from South Africa was outstanding. And seeing them perform reminded me of something, it reminded me of something I think every musician should do, especially the stars of rock and roll.

The reason I say this about the rock stars, is because I have been to a lot of concerts and I do understand one thing that gets the crowd all fired up, and it’s not hard to do, but it’s important. The kids from South Africa did it, and the crowd at the concert started chanting. It was almost, just for a moment, as if I was at a rock concert. Well, almost.

What one of the kids in the choir did was this. Just when he was about to start singing his first song, he moved the microphone to his mouth and he looked at the audience and said “Tjena”. This means Hi in Swedish.

This one word got the crowd all fired up.

Everytime I experience that a rock star (I am usually at rock concerts) learns a few words of Norwegian or Swedish, and tells them to the crowd, everybody seems so impressed. It never fails, and sometimes it seems that it doesn’t matter how bad the concert is, as long as they say a few words using the right language (the native language of the crowd).

This is probably the easiest way to promote yourself if you are a musician playing a concert in another country. Rock star or not, it gets the crowd all fired up every single time.

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