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What about this 1StepSystem?

There have been a lot of buzz about this “new” 1StepSystem lately. I can´t really count how many e-mails I have received and how many times I have read about it. It´s been all over the Net. Their official launch is March 20.

I am not sure whether this is a great business opportunity or not. What most people that have joined are telling me is that this is a fully automated business opportunity, where you actually don´t have to do anything of your own. Just pay your fees and the system will take care of the rest.

Well, I am not so convinced about this. I read a post in some forum from one member telling that you have to drive traffic to your 1StepSystem website, as soon as they give you (or the system) their name and e-mail, the system will do the rest. If this is true, well, the 1StepSystem is like most other online companies.

I also heard that they are charging $597 in signup fee and $29.95 monthly (not sure if these numbers are accurate). The affiliate that referred you will earn $500. This is a lot, and I understand why many would be tempted to promote this business.

The Co-Founders are Rod Stinson and Chris Koehl, they are well-known online marketers and should be trusted. But I think that the public are getting too little information about this business. Maybe we will see some more in the days to come, at least after their official launch on March 20.
I have no clue whether this is a great business opportunity or not, other than I am very suspicious of “fully automated businesses” and businesses that costs a lot to join.

You can read a press-release from 1StepSystem here.

update: I just have to say that I don´t like the fact that many businesses are having testimonials all over their site when they are in pre-launch. It seems that they have talked to some friends and told them to write some kind words about their business, or that “famous marketers” are teaming together and writing testimonials to each other. To me, a pre-launch means almost the same as a beta-version of a software. The system is not entirely finished yet, but close to finished. A pre-launch is here probably only meaning that their system will be open to the public on March 20, even thought I have received many invitations to join already. So who is the public? And what does pre-launch really mean?

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  1. omnipend says:

    I have quit all autosurf programs. I think Rollercoaster surf might be one of the best, but after all the mess with 12dp and stormpay I am just concentrating on earning money from other products.

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