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Weekly Review Checklist

The weekly review checklist is an important part of any job, and it’s when I schedule everything. Once a week, you should review “everything” from the past, and schedule “everything” for the present week or so.

The weekly review checklist is different from person to person. It might be different in time; not just how much time you spend for the review, but also how much time you include in the review. It might be different what you include in the review.

My weekly review checklist

I spend two hours every week. In the past, I was doing it on Friday, then I tried Sunday. Now, I’m doing it early Monday morning.

I start the review by looking at all my calendars. I’m using iCloud and Google. I look at the past two weeks, and the next two weeks. I’m looking at all the details; all the various meetings and appointments, and everything I have been doing. It’s not just about work, but everything I have added to my calendars. I see if I have remembered everything. I look at all my notes, and I add new things to my calendars.

When I do my weekly reviews, I listen to music via Focus at Will. It helps me stay focused, and I add a timer for 2 hours.

Next, after my calendar, is reviewing my blogging. I look at the posts (the titles) I have published for the past two weeks, and I schedule new posts (by adding titles and some notes to CoSchedule) for the next two weeks. When I’m finished with my blog posts I start reviewing all my projects and tasks.

IQTELL is the system I’m using for all projects and all my tasks and to-do lists. I look at everything I have added, that I haven’t already accomplished. This includes all my projects; both personal and everything that’s related to work. I have an inbox (CollectBox) inside IQTELL. This is the place where I add everything new, while I’m working, doing something else . Now, during the weekly review, I’ll be moving the tasks from my inbox to the different projects and scheduling them for the time when I need them to be done.

I have a paper notebook. I use it when I’m in meetings. I don’t usually look at it much, other than at the weekly review. I go through everything, and move it from the notebook to IQTELL (if it’s a task, if not, I might be moving it to Evernote).

The last thing that’s on my weekly review checklist is Evernote. I use it for all my notes. I also keep a journal, even though I don’t write every day. I move everything from my Evernote inbox to the various notebooks inside Evernote. I add tags to the notes in my inbox, and I might edit the title and some of the content before moving.

That’s it. Well, not quiet.


The reason I am doing a weekly review is to help me stay focused. I’m doing it to track results, and to see if I’m improving, seeing progress, and following the steps towards my goals.

When I am doing the weekly review, I’m always looking at my goals and asking myself if what I’ve been doing the past weeks, or what I’ve scheduled for the next is taking me closer to my goals.

What I haven’t included in my weekly review checklist

Like I said, doing a weekly review helps me stay focused. But, there’s one thing I haven’t added to my weekly review yet. I’m not sure if I’ll be adding it or not, but it might be a natural part of the review. I’m talking about statistics, and doing a review of the traffic to my blog.

I’m using Google Analytics, and I have all kinds of details about my visitors. But, the reason I haven’t included it on my weekly review checklist, is because I am using Quill Engage. I receive a short report every week, and one every month. It’s so short and right to the point, it takes me a few minutes to read. So far, I have opened it and read it when I have received it in my inbox.

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