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Web Traffic is it Science or Voodoo?

I bet you have heard this one before, but even so, I will try to explain one of the biggest misunderstandings of Internet marketing. The reason I am calling it one of the biggest misunderstandings, is that it seems that most people don’t act like web traffic is a science, they are behaving like web traffic involves tricks, magic or even voodoo.

Let me explain.

Most of the cool programs or systems that you can buy that involves Internet marketing and a way to drive traffic to your website(s), they are trying to convince you that they will reveal some secret formula. But there are no real secrets and there’s no magic to it.

It’s all about science, and you need to test and evaluate, you need to

That’s the science part.

Let me give you an example.

If you are selling a weight loss product, you should really use Google Analytics or some other statistical tool to find stats about your visitors. Where are they from, what pages on your website are they visiting, and so on. You need to find out why they are visiting your website. Are they only visiting it because you wrote a post on your blog about a certain product, or are there any other reasons why they are visiting? If they are just visiting a few of your pages, well, that’s the pages you might want to focus on.

Many well-known marketers asks the visitors questions regarding what they are looking for and why they are visiting their website. Maybe you should do that too?

If you do that, you will know for sure what they are looking for. Are there anything they need or want? Many well-known marketers use Google AdWords to find answers to some of their questions. Sounds interesting?

If you have found out who your visitors are, and you know what they want, now it’s time to find out how to communicate with them and how to tell them about your products and how to get them to buy them. You could just ask them, or you could test various services and find out what will be the most effective way.

The science is about testing. And if you test, track and evaluate, you will know what works, and when you know what works, you will become successful.

That’s the only way!

I use the word Voodoo, many others have used it before me. The reason we all use it when we try to explain the science part of web traffic is to relate it to medicine.

… and it’s an interesting comparison.

If you get sick, would you visit a medical doctor with 8 years of medical school or would you go for a witch doctor? I am not saying anything bad about the witch doctor, he might cure you, what do I know? But my guess is that you would do what most people would do in a situation like that. You would visit the medical doctor and you would get the advice and the proven treatment in order to become well and healthy again.

It’s the same with web traffic. You can’t just do something without testing. How would you know if it works if you have no statistical proof or if you are not tracking anything? What if you started a Pay Per Click campaign and you were using two different search engines, Yahoo and Google? If you didn’t use a tracker or a statistical tool like Google Analytics, how could you say which campaign was the best one? The same goes with everything else.


An example for you:

I am tracking the clicks on all my banners at this blog. I know which banners that are producing the best results and I know which size that are the best, and I know where to place my banners to get the best results. I am not doing anything random here, I am only doing things that I know works or I am testing new ways to get better results, but I am testing and I am tracking the results.

I am all for science when it comes to Internet marketing.

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