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We Are All Talking About John Reese

I have received tons of e-mails about the new marketing package from John Reese called Traffic Secrets 2.0. I have watched the preview videos, and they are awesome.

The first one is different, kind of weird to start with, at least the first 13 seconds. The first 2 minutes and 43 seconds is really just an introduction to the Traffic Secrets 2.0 package. But at exactly 2 minutes and 43 seconds, John says the following words:

So that’s what traffic secrets 2.0 is all about. If you are interested in the course, I’ll have more details about it to share with you soon. Let’s forget about it for now. Now I want to teach you an incredible valuable strategy that you can use today to grow your business on the Internet. It’s incredible powerful and one you should play close attention to.

And his right, you should really watch the 16 minutes long video. Because most of it is very valuable.

You can watch the video at Traffic Secrets 2.0.

Now, if you wonder what the course is all about, you can watch a review video I found at YouTube. Jeff Mills is the guy behind it, and he does a really good job at presenting the contents.

I have signed up at Traffic Secrets 2.0 and I have just received the 2nd video called “Owning more of the Internet” – but I haven’t watched it yet.

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