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We all Need More Marketing resources

I am not sure if this is the easiest way to promote your company or not, but it’s a very important part of any marketing strategy.

What I am getting at is that any company should provide their affiliates or their loyal readers for that matter, with all sorts of marketing resources, and never stop to create more resources. I am talking about marketing resources like text links (with the company’s slogans), various professionally written e-mails, autoresponder messages, banners and buttons in all sizes, testimonials, safelist ads, well all sorts of ads long and short ones.

I haven’t found that many good examples on companies that are doing a good job with this. Even some companies that I really like are not in my opinion doing a good enough job. For instance, Aweber is a great company with awesome feedback and one of the best services I have ever tried. But they are not doing a great job for their affiliates when it comes to providing them with marketing resources. Remember, this is resources that are created to help Aweber get more customers. They have had a few banners for years (I am not sure how long, but it seems to be years). I am not saying that the banners and buttons they have are not good, but as an affiliate I would want a lot more. They have some articles that all affiliates can use and post on their blogs, but that would probably not help much, and you can even get penalized by Google for doing that (you should have unique content). The best marketing resource for affiliates they have is the free test drive. I would like a lot more, I would want something new every month or so, just to inspire affiliates to do a better job of promoting their company.

A company / service that I think provides great resources is Blog Mastermind (I have been a proud member). They could of course create even more resources, but they have a lot already. But will Blog Mastermind be creating new marketing resources every month or will they keep the “old” resources for a long time?

There are plenty of reasons why you should create your own banners even if you don’t have an affiliate program running. You can provide your loyal readers with banners to help them promote your blog, instead of only using “boring” text links. Just take a look at Opera, the Norwegian webbrowser (and the fastest browser on earth). They have many different banners and buttons that we can use to support them and help them get more people to use Opera (take a look at one of their buttons below).

Opera - The Fastest Browser on Earth

Should even bloggers like myself have their own banners and buttons? It might be a good reason for that, in fact it’s rather cheap to create if you get the right designer and if your content is good and your banners and buttons are cool, some of your readers might use them to link to you. Sometimes if they write a post and the post includes a link to one of your posts, they might put one of your buttons in there instead of the usual text link, who knows what can happen if you have some cool banners and buttons for your blog?

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  1. V. Neely says:

    Yeah, I’ve been getting some “be my friend!” MySpace invitations lately that come complete with pictures of hot chicks. It’s a turn off for me.

    Now, show me a cupcake avatar with sprinkles all over it or something, that’s different… I like cupcakes.

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