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This Was Totally Unexpected

I didn’t expect this to happen, at least not today.

I’ve been involved in the Internet marketing niche for a few years, and sometimes I stop and think that I’ve seen it all. There are new systems popping up every single day, there are new so-called gurus popping up, and there are actual gurus popping up once in a while.

Everytime I stop and think that I’ve seen it all, something happens. Something that makes me realize that I haven’t actually seen anyhting at all. It’s like I’m starting all over again, from scratch.

I wasn’t actually going to write anything today. I was going to take the day off. I was going to stay away from the computer. That’s because I was home with my son, he has been sick. Nothing serious, he’s got a cold. So, I thought I’d just check my email this morning, that’s all.

Well, I know I wasn’t suppose to, but, you know how it is.

What happen was that I received an email from Mike Filsaime about his brand new Twitter client called TweetGlide. He launched it today.

I read the email, visited the site, and downloaded the client. I did everything in like 5 minutes. It was completely free. I thought, why not?

Now. This all happened before my son woke up. So, I wasn’t such a bad dad after all.

Since, TweetGlide was completely free, and since Mike Filsaime is the guy behind it, I sort of knew that there would be a one time offer. And I was right.

I paid $97 to become a premium member. Premium members get to send more ads, and the ads are in color. You’ll read all about it at TweetGlide.

My point is this. TweetGlide is probably the most interesting marketing system I’ve seen in years. Twitter is awesome, and TweetGlide seems to be the perfect match.

Let me just say that, I have published one ad, and have received more than 700 visitors to my blog. Yes, that’s from publishing just one lousy ad. And it was actually poorly written. I just wanted to test the system.

I urge you to take a look at TweetGlide, test the free version. I got the premium membership, and so far, I’m really happy that I did.

So much for my day without touching the computer…

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