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Virtual Smart Agent is Really Annoying

Sometimes very good marketing software can also be very annoying, and I find virtual smart agent to be really annoying.

I know for a fact that it works, and I understand why so many people have bought it when it launched just a short while ago.

The problem is that when you see it on almost every single sales page, and I have to do the two or three extra clicks on every single sales page I visit, just so I can exit the page, well, then it does something to me. I am probably exaggerating a lilttle, but it feels like I am seeing this piece of software all over the place.

If you don’t know about Virtual Smart Agent; I will give you a brief introduction. I realize that it won’t do this piece of software justice, but I will give it a try, just so you can have some information before you decide to visit the sales page and get this annoying little thing popping up as you leave (or try to leave).

And by the way, I am not an affiliate

Virtual Smart Agent is a software that will pop up as you are trying to leave the website. It will be acting like a sales agent trying to chat with you and ask you all sorts of questions, just so you won’t leave the website and this virutal sales person will continue chat with you in order to convince you to buy whatever the website is offering. Everything this sales agent does and writes is fully automated. The owner will have to teach the software (the virtual sales agent) what to say and how to do the conversation. I am not sure if there are many predefined conversations, and if you really don’t have to do anything other than add a script to your website or not. I guess the Virtual Smart Agent sales page might answer that for you.

The only reason I find it annoying is that I know it’s virtual agent and not a real person, and I seem to be meeting this virtual agent on every single sales page I visit. They just keep popping up.

I understand how it can increase your online sales by 40%, but why did so many people have to buy it

14 responses to “Virtual Smart Agent is Really Annoying”

  1. Luke says:

    have you made any money with this yet? how much?

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Luke

    Yes. In February so far, I have made apx. $200. But I have only been writing about it and promoting it at my blog, I have not used PPC or any marketing at all.

    It seems to me that Affiliate Silver Bullet works, and that it’s very easy to promote it. But I have not been paid yet, not sure, but I believe that I will be paid my commission at the end of February.

  3. Luke says:

    hey thats pretty good for just marketing it in your blog. Everyone who searches whether this is a scam or not, will probably find your blog. I did n been keepin an eye on it for results.

    Now explain the whole hosting your own web pages. So you go out and get a domain name and a hosting agent and load them on there?

  4. Jens says:

    The hosting part is really easy. Just download the .zip file, uncompress it and upload it to your server. That’s it.

    But if you want to use AWeber to follow up with the prospects, then you need to add the AWeber code as well and add the messages to your AWeber campaign.

  5. Omar Rodriguez says:

    Hey can you help me out… I downloaded the zip files but having trouble using smartFTP to upload them to my server. Pretty new at this and got stuck during the uploading part. Thanx in advanced.

  6. Jens says:

    Sure, I am using Mac and last time I downloaded any of the bullets I had no problem.

    I could download the bullets you are looking for and upload them to my server.

  7. Adrian Broadby says:

    Hi Jens,

    I was just wondering if you have been paid by AffiliateSilverBullet yet. It all looks good, but of course if they don’t pay then it is no good at all.


  8. Jens says:

    Hi Adrian,

    I will be paid on April 1st, since there is a 30-day full refund guarantee. I have to wait 30-days after somebody joins ASB.

    I have received e-mail from Dustin Struckman (the owner), where he wrote that all commission from February has been paid. So, it seems like a legit business.

  9. Adrian Broadby says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply Jens. It looks like it is all systems go then. Maybe I will have to invest.
    Now I’ll just have to figure out the best way to promote it…any suggestions?
    Thanks again,

  10. Wilson says:

    I would like to get this through you, I like the information you have provided so far.
    Just 3 questions
    – Have you received your bullets for march, can we see them.
    – Can I integrate these squeeze pages with my getresponse account
    they look lovely.
    – If I join now, would I get the old ones already given out?

    Thank you

  11. Jens says:

    Hi Adrian

    I am only promoting ASB at my blog, but I guess PPC is a way that would work. I would probably concentrate on promoting the bullets, I have included all the bullets in one autoresponder, and that seems to work for me.

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